Indoor cameras


Geovision cameras for indoors. Select one of the camera models above.

Geovision cameras are very affordable and deliver excellent performance (up to 12MP and soon even 50MP). Almost all cameras come standard with I / O, audio (2-way), POE, video out and built-in web server. In terms of image quality, the cameras can easily go along with the better cameras in the market. Geovision is currently one of the very few suppliers that even has super-low lux IP cameras that have a light sensitivity of 0.001 lux.

The indoor models have very good audio. The sound recordings are of high quality, clear, low noise and extremely sensitive (you can often still follow the conversations in another room).

The SD2411, a 2 MegaPixel (30x optical zoom) speed dome is one of the best digital speed domes in the market.

Almost all cameras have WDR as standard, a number of cameras are equipped with a special WDR sensor.

Almost all cameras are ONVIF, PSIA and RTSP compatible and can therefore also be connected to other systems.

Cameras come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

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