Advanced capture cards to digitally process analog cameras. At the time, Geovision has more or less set the standard for analog capture cards. The cards are still among the better in the market.

In addition to video, the cards can also process audio and be connected to relay cards (net I / O card). The same type of cards can be combined to obtain the desired number of channels (eg 12 = 8 + 4). New type cards (B-type) cannot be combined with the older cards.

Each Geovision system has a maximum of 32 channels and can be built from a mix of analogue, SDI and IP. This makes it possible to build any desired system. IP cameras can also be placed over unused analogue channels, so that an analogue system can phase out. Analogue and SDI never take up IP channels.

Geovision 1480B kaart


Geovision 1240B kaart


Geovision 1120B kaart


Geovision 900A kaart


Geovision 800B kaart


Geovision 650B kaart


Geovision 600B kaart