Geovision Software

There are no costs associated with most Geovision software. No license costs, no upgrade costs and no maintenance.

Licensed software is generally for specific solutions (eg license plate recognition) and control room software.

One of the most powerful functions of Geovision can be seen in the video below, finds recordings within minutes instead of hours of viewing images:

You can therefore fully use the products below without additional licenses:

• Geovision Muticam (the actual recording software)

  • Geovision Multiview
  • Geovision RemoteViewLog
  • Geovision Mobile applicaties
  • Geovision CV2 (5 systemen, en 160 kanalen)
  • Geovision Authentication Server
  • Geovision Audio Broadcast
  • Geovision Bandwith Control Client Site
  • Geovision Backup Viewer
  • Geovision Dynamic DNS Service
  • Geovision E-Map Server
  • Geovision Fast Backup and Restore
  • Geovision IP Device Utility
  • Geovision Multicast
  • Geovision MultiLang Tool
  • Geovision SetLanguage
  • Geovision Mcamctrl Utility (Joystick)
  • Geovision Remote E-MAp
  • Geovision SMS Server
  • Geovision Skype Video Utility
  • Geovision SDCardSync Utility